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Please Review The Requirements to Host Ugandan Thunder.

Provide Concert Meals
We ask that a meal be provided for our group. For a Sunday morning, it would be after the concert. For a Sunday evening concert, it would be after the concert, but on all other evenings it would be about 1-1/2 to 2 hours before the concert. There will be 22 children and 6 or 7 adults in our group.

Items Needed for the Concert:

A Clear Stage
Ugandan Thunder will have a great deal of movement during the concert. The stage area needs to be cleared before we arrive.

Two stand-alone microphones (if possible) 
Two stand-alone microphones will be needed during the concert. The microphones should be placed on the floor to the left of the stage.

Choir microphones (if possible) 
Using choir microphones with the children will help enhance the concert experience. However, if choir microphones are not possible, the kids will still be able to sing well without them. 

The choir will need floor monitors to hear the music tracks to sing with. Two plus would be preferable if possible. 

Sound system
We will be using a laptop, in most cases, to run the audio and video portions of the concert. Our technician will be able to mix the sound for the concert or will be available to help the church’s technician know what we look for when it comes to how the choir sounds. We will provide connections to hook our laptop up to your sound system. Our technician will need to meet with your church’s technician about 1 hour before the concert. 

Video projector(s) and screen(s) (if possible) 
We will have multiple videos to play throughout the concert, telling the stories of Pennies, the children, and the orphanages, along with videos that may play while the children are singing. We will be using our laptop to play the videos and will have connections to help hook with your system.

Two rooms (close to the stage if possible) 
The children will use these rooms as changing and prep rooms before and after the concert. 

Space for drums
The children will sing a few of their songs while playing drums brought from Africa. We will need a space away from the choir on or near the stage where the drums can be placed. 

Three tables set up in the foyer
We will need three long tables to display information about our sponsorship program, and t- shirts and African items that we have for sale. We will need 2-3 volunteers to help sell items at our tables before & after the concert.
Financial Arrangements and

There are numerous expenses incurred in preparing for the tour and the travel expenses to and from America. We do not ask for travel expenses. However, we ask for your help in these three ways:

1. Merch Table
We ask for permission to set up the merchandise table in order to defer the cost of the tour. The pastor or staff member who closes the concert should encourage everyone to support these expenses by purchasing items from the table.

2. Love Offering
We ask that a love offering be taken during the concert. The Senior Pastor is encouraged to handle the love offering appeal at the concert. The money from the love offering will go to the “Pennies for Posho” ministry. Please have the audience make checks payable to your church, then have your church’s financial officer make one check (payable to “Pennies for Posho”) for the total amount of the love offering received.

3. Sponsorship Program
Pennies for Posho has a sponsorship program that enables us to feed a child for $9.00 a month. This is a low-pressure appeal, but it is the lifeblood of this ministry. We ask that the Senior Pastor or staff member make the audience aware of this opportunity. Information about sponsoring a child will be available in the lobby after the concert.