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End Emptiness – One Child at a Time.

We Have A Voice

The Ugandan Thunder is a touring choir created to give these children a voice and as advocates for the 2.7 million orphans living in Uganda. The choir was created as a ministry of Pennies for Posho. 

Offerings are taken at each performance to help raise money that goes directly to feeding their brothers and sisters back home in the many schools and orphanages that Pennies for Posho supports.


Experience Ugandan Thunder Live!
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Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

The members of Ugandan Thunder are selected each year from the orphanages and schools that partner with Pennies for Posho in Uganda.

Teachers in the 19 schools and orphanages served by Pennies for Posho nominate their brightest students and most talented performers each year for the opportunity to attend Royal School Orphanage in Mityana, Uganda and then tour the United States.

Each year, a new brand new group of students is selected to give as many students the opportunity as possible.


Many in the American church haven’t had the opportunity to see Uganda first hand, but with Ugandan Thunder, we bring the faces, stories and songs of African Christianity to your church. Experience worship like you haven’t before as our choir of children, born into poverty and abandoned by the world, sing praises out of pure joy.



Bringing the Ugandan Thunder to your church not only helps our mission, it enriches your congregation. Our production is an opportunity for your church members to learn about the struggles children face on the other side of the world and offer them a tangible way to participate in God’s mission to nourish and love them.

These kids are very poor. They don’t worship because they feel they owe it in response for what they have or because they want something in return. They worship out of pure joy.

Our prayer is that the voices and faces of the Ugandan Thunder will plant a seed of compassion in your congregation, not only for the orphans we serve, but for orphans all over the world. Our team makes it easy for your to promote the event and produce the show, no matter how large or small your congregation.

Pennies for Posho exists to provide thousands of children with food each day. If we meet their immediate physical needs, we can begin to pour into them spiritually. By meeting children where they are — in schools and churches through the country — we are able to turn your donations into thousands of meals each day, but also dormitories, clinics, schools and sustainable upgrades like chicken houses and wells.